Owner occupier finance and investment refinance

Residential finance:

  • $1,461,000 owner occupied purchase at 90% – $1,314,900 loan amount
  • 90% no LMI policy for Chartered Accountants (LMI is normally payable for applications over 80%)
  • Owner-occupied purchase in Perth on 3.72%

Residential refinance:

  • $1,000,000 investment property refinance at 80% – $800,000 loan amount
  • Investment refinance in St Lucia on 4.23%
  • We also manage this property
  • Saved the client 0.25% off his old interest rate
  • $1500 rebate to cover costs

Are you having trouble getting a loan with your existing bank or looking to enjoy a better lifestyle through refinancing an existing loan? Get in touch with our finance specialist Shoheel Khan on 0418 110 870 or [email protected].