No Presale funding for a townhouse project in Brisbane

Red & Co. recently sourced and settled funding for a development in Carina, Brisbane for 6 high end townhouses.

  • The lender was a major mortgage fund
  • Debt amount of circa $ 2,300,000
  • We were successfully able to negotiate a nil presale requirement outside of the lender’s normal parameters. This meant the developer could commence the build immediately and sell progressively through to completion.
  • From engagement, Red & Co received an indicative letter of offer within a week and swiftly worked to a seamless settlement

Every year Red & Co. assists many developers with sourcing their funding. We do development funding day in and day out so have an up to date and intimate knowledge of the current lending market. We know the tips and tricks to make the lenders work in your favour and not just theirs. If you’d like to discuss a project or up coming acquisition, get in contact with the commercial team. Greg Turner 0417 698 345 [email protected] or Max Laverty on 0488 707 164 [email protected].